How Can I Deal with Smell During Pregnancy?

How Can I Deal with Smell During Pregnancy?

The body exfoliants and scrubs can actually cause the micro tears on your skin, where this will not just irritating you and it can also make it easier for the chemicals to be absorbed into it. If you are pregnant, then you can use the soft washcloth or loofah to scrub away the dead skin cells from your body. The pregnancy body wash soaps contains the safe ingredients and if you experience any kind of the side effects then check the body wash soaps are parabeans, rosemary, triclosan and fragrance in which the triclosan creates the carcinogen as a by-product as like this the parabeans will affect the hormone levels. The rosemary and fragrance could irritate your skin so it is very much necessary to avoid if you are pregnant, where this will help you to be safe from the side effects and protect your skin.

How Can I Deal with Smell During Pregnancy?

You should also try to stay away from the aloe vera lotion where this is because the aloe vera ingredients body wash will be providing you best results when you are not pregnant where this is because during pregnancy your body will undergo lot of changes especially to your skin. When it comes to the pregnancy skin care then you need to avoid some of the ingredients such as like.


This body wash acne treatment can affect the development of baby’s bones and teeth.


It is very much recommended that products like Differin, retinols, tazorac, avage, retin-A, retinyl palmitate, renova be avoided. While very little of the ingredients gets absorbed into your skin where this will help you in making your skin glow.

Salicylic acid

The limited use of the topical acne fighting body wash products contains the 2% percent of salicylic acid are low for the risk to your unborn baby where some dermatologist also suggest to avoid this completely.


It is a topical skin glowing agent is found to be normally absorbed into your body when you apply it topically. During pregnancy this hydroquinone will created the adverse side effects in your body.

If you are thinking of pregnancy as a time to refresh your routine life with the improved and new skin care and best pregnancy body wash products specially created for changing your skin then you should research for the best skin beauty product to nourish your skin to keep your unborn baby safe.

List of best body washes and bath soaps for pregnancy

When you are pregnant then your skin will become more sensitive and that’s why it is recommended to switch for the best body soaps and washes during the pregnancy time where these body washes and soaps helps you in protecting against the soothe itching and dryness. In fact the pregnancy body wash keeps your body hydrated to avoid the stretch marks in which if you are using the shower gel then it can do lot of work because comparing to other body wash products the shower gel is made by using the safe formula. The following are some of the best body wash for pregnancy available in the market that helps you to stay acne free naturally. They are.

  • Aveeno active naturals skin fragrance free, skin relief wash
  • Aveeno fragrance free soothing bath treatment soap and washes
  • Nivea creme sensitive moisturizing pregnancy body soap and wash
  • Bioderma atoderm shower oil for pregnancy women
  • Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

There are also other brands f the pregnancy wash and soap are available in the market but comparing to others things the above are top 5 body wash and soap found to be safe one and these body soap and wash does not exhibits any side effects.

3 best non toxic pregnancy soaps for your pregnancy

The natural skin care during the pregnancy is found to be a crucial one because there are number of controversial ingredients are used in the body washes and soaps where this is because the skin is the largest organ in the human body and it has the capability to absorb whatever it needs. Before buying, you need to look at your skin type and choose the natural non chemical soaps for your baby and for yourself just to keep your skin free from the chemicals and other toxic items.

When you are using these toxic soaps and body washes then it changes your skin and creates damages to your skin, so it is even more important to use non toxic and more natural soap. The ingredients which you need to avoid from the soap are given below where these ingredients are found to be toxic one for your skin body.  They are.

  • Artificial colorings
  • Triclosan
  • Parabeans
  • Fragrance
  • Propylene glycol

Phthalates is the ingredient which is found in the soap as DBP, DMP, DEP or BzBP and also the phthalates are just categorized under the fragrance of the body washes and soap where this is a an additional hormone disruptor. Generally, the phthalates shows its impact in the fetal growth in pregnant women so it is very necessary to avoid this ingredient this product during the pregnancy body wash for protecting you from the skin damage.

Why to choose the best body soap and washes for pregnancy?

When you are pregnant then your body goes through the several changes at the time of the child bearing in which probably you will not be aware of that your inside the womb is using all the fluids present in your body. This is the main reason why your skin is less likely receives the optimal hydration and this results in the dry skin where you can get rid of this just by drinking more amount of water during your pregnancy time where this will result in the huge difference in your body. When you are using the best body wash for pregnancy made with friendly formula then it provides your skin with all kinds of hydration and nourishments to your skin to glow and avoid it becoming dry.