How Do You Apply Foundation for Dry Flaky Skin?

How Do You Apply Foundation for Dry Flaky Skin?

Each season provides its own challenges in applying makeup. There’s the situation of having an oily skin during summer where one’s makeup gets all cakey and all sorts of ruined. However, there’s another situation which most people relate to and that’s having dry skin during the cold or winter season. A person with dry skin knows how frustrating it is to apply foundation and not have it turn into a cakey mess. So how do you apply foundation or perhaps any other makeup product when your skin is dry and flaky?

Check out the following tips on how to apply lightweight foundation for dry skin on your face and achieve the results you want to see:

How Do You Apply Foundation for Dry Flaky Skin?

TIP # 1 – Exfoliate before apply foundation for dry flaky skin

Our skin produces an enormous amount of dead skin every day and it’s a necessity to exfoliate regularly.

When exfoliating, gently use a washcloth or other scrub recommended for dry skin and scrub areas prone to drying.

These areas are the ones around the nose and chin where wrinkles are commonly visible.

You can also use a recommended face wash or cleanser that has safe chemicals. That can reach the smallest places of your nose and chin.

TIP # 2 – Always moisturize before apply foundation

Despite the disadvantages many people say about having dry skin, it can actually help maintain a glow, especially during summer season.

However, it is important to remember to moisturize to avoid your skin flaking off causing a cakey and non-smooth condition.

There are many ways to moisturize your dry and flaky skin.

Some choose to spray mineral water which easily absorbs into the skin, keeping it moist.

Others wash their face and blot with a cotton towel before applying makeup.

Yet the most effective method and is highly recommended to people with dry skin is to use rose water.

This method is popular and can be easily done through the following steps:

Soak a towel or cotton ball into a basin filled with rose water and wait for 3 minutes for it to absorb.

Next, use the soaked towel or cotton ball gently and slowly, applying it to your face to moisten and soften your skin.

This method is recommended not only to moisturize before applying makeup but also for daily skin care to improve skin condition.

But in order for the makeup to have a smooth and shiny appearance, pay more attention in deeply moisturizing your skin.

You can deeply moisturize your skin by using a moisturizing cream to help you moisturize your face throughout the day.

TIP # 3 – Choose the right foundation for dry skin only

Another tip to consider for people with dry skin is choosing the most suitable makeup foundation.

Water-resistant or alkaline-based foundation creams are only suitable for oily skin and prove to be less helpful for those with dry skin.

A hydrating and light coverage liquid foundation works best with people who have a dry skin type.

Small tip! Mix your liquid foundation with a little moisturizing serum to maximize the moisturizing benefits when apply foundation for dry flaky skin.

TIP # 4 – Powder is not your friend with dry flaky skin

For people with dry and flaky skin, powder is definitely not a friend.

Powders are known to clog pores and can make you look pasty and even more dry.

However, if you feel the need to use powder, apply it only to oily areas and not on your entire face.

Moreover, use compacted powders as its hygroscopic properties are quite low and cover your skin as lightly as possible.

How Do You Apply Foundation for Dry Flaky Skin?

TIP # 5 – Rules for concealer

If you often suffer from dry skin, especially in the nose area, using a waterproof concealer is not recommended.

A waterproof concealer absorbs all moisture and causes more flaking and peeling to your skin.

When choosing a concealer, choose those that have creamier formulas as they are known to hydrate dry and flaky areas.

Liquid or cream concealers will help you hydrate your areas of concern instead of accentuating them.

Furthermore, check the label of your concealers and choose those with skin nourishing ingredients like Vitamin C.

TIP # 6 – Spray minerals to keep skin healthy

Face mists are actually the most underrated product in the world of skin care.

A lot of people do not realize that applying one to your skin is essential as it fights dryness and dull complexion.

A facial mist refreshes, hydrates, and revitalizes your skin. It is useful for those skin types that need hydration.

For people with dry skin, choose those facial mists which contain ingredients that boost hydration.

Choose ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and squalane as they are known to plump your skin cells.

Other Things To Remember To Prevent Dry Skin

When doing your daily makeup, keep in mind to use appropriate makeup tools when applying foundation and concealer.

It is recommended to use cotton or makeup brushes as it minimizes friction that contributes to skin dryness.

Aside from using and applying a good makeup foundation to conceal dry skin, it is also important to invest in long-term skin care.

Skin Care Routine for Dry and Flaky Skin

If you want to have beautiful and appropriately hydrated skin, it is best to invest in a quality skin care routine:

  • Frequent use of moisturizer is a must for girls with dry skin to enhance hydration and moisture.
  • Aside from moisturizers, usage of facial mist or mineral spray also helps in contributing hydration to the skin.
  • The simple act of frequently drinking the recommended amount of water also helps in hydrating the skin.
  • It is also helpful to nourish your skin from within by eating healthy and nourishing foods.
  • Eating nutritious, vitamin-rich food sources helps in proactively combating dryness from within your body.
  • In addition, consuming foods rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A helps in healthy and smooth skin regeneration.
  • It is also helpful to take iron supplements which promote a healthy metabolism to help you absorb nutrients easily.

We want every person to be comfortable with their skin and help those that have skin concerns.

With such aim, we are hopeful that the following enumerated tips and advice have been helpful.

After all, we want every woman to go out and socialize without having to be insecure with a dry and flaky skin.

We want women not only to correctly apply foundation but also to improve the moisture for their dry skin.

If you want to further nourish and boost moisture for your skin, you can further lookup related articles and consult professionals.

Have fun in your quest to improve your dry and flaky skin!