The 5 Most Important Things to Prepare for a Photo Shoot

Prepare for a Photo Shoot

Hello friends ! Not only do couples preparing for wedding photography need to take care of the messages they need to prepare for the day they are going to take photos, but all other genres we also need to prepare for the photo shoot to take place. in the most smooth way.

In the previous article, Onelike shared some essentials when taking photos for children as well as family, in today’s article, Onelike will share about the art of personal portrait or couple photography.

When conducting a photo shoot, there are five elements that only need a little bit of preparation to make a big difference. Just ignore them, and a perfect shoot can end with entertainment elements that can keep the target away from where it should be. The five elements are: Face, Hair, Hands, Skin, and Costume.

A week before the shooting date (or earlier, if you have reserved it) is the time for you to plan. You will prepare gear, choose the beauty steps you like, and schedule appointments (even schedule yourself). Remember, these tips help you get ideas to prepare for the shoot, but they are not mandatory, sometimes not necessary for anyone. You just need to choose the tricks that are affordable, suitable for your style, and suitable for the beauty mode, and take that as a starting point. It will be really important if you are taking photos for the first time.

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Teeth whitening . PS brands can sponsor this program. Or if you are in Saigon, you can find some shops selling whitening strips, that can whiten your teeth very quickly within a week. As far as I know, dentists also have teeth whitening services. In many places, they also make it free for new customers. If you think you need to do this, you can consider.

Do not squeeze acne. A small pimple can be easily covered with makeup, but if it is a pimple, blemish or peeling skin, it will be much harder. You must stop squeezing acne. If you keep scratching and squeezing the swelling and flaking of your face, it’s time to take your problem seriously. You must apply every measure. You need to stop examining the face at a distance of 1m in front of the mirror. If you really want to mold them, you must wear a bandage on your fingers.

Exfoliate dead skin. If you wash your face or body to have a nice and comfortable skin, that’s the best way you can do at night. You may need to exfoliate a few times before your appointment, but be sure to have a few days before your treatment, as well as a few days after your last scan.

Facial beauty. If you plan to go to skin care, remember to go at least one week before the scan. Because facials often cause redness, it usually takes a week for them to return to normal.

For those who want to spend money, home facials with masks are always a preferred method at night. You can lie down reading an interesting book, recharge your mind.

Eyebrow removal. If you are going to get rid of your eyebrows or trim your eyebrows with thread, you need to schedule your appointment at least a few days before the shoot. In other words, trimming your eyebrows at home can be done a day or two before the shoot.


Prepare for a Photo Shoot

Handle hairline. If you are dyeing your hair, you need to handle the new hair growth three days before the shoot is ideal. I advise you this: this is not the time for you to make big changes.

Cut. The neat, healthy hair shows that you are a young and energetic person. If the last time you had a haircut not too long ago, then you just need to trim it to make a difference.

Deep therapy. Your salon can be professionally treated, or You can use conditioner to penetrate the hair root or type containing protein at home. You should combine it with a facial mask. Wrap your head in the style of a Muslim turban. You wear breeches, pretending to be a god while you marinate fish. Or while reading or making a phone call.


Manicure. While manicuring, you can also combine with pedicure. If you have a hard time scheduling manicures, you can order the service the day before your scan.

Customers who only require a minimum can only need clean hair, clean nails. You can also paint your nails with light, neutral colors. Toenails can be painted a different color. (Remember to bring tools and choose the right color).

Even him. If you bring your husband to the location of the photoshoot, make sure that his nails are neat and the ring is clean. You will get bonus points if you give him a mask.


Eraser or shave. If you apply an eraser, you need a few days to heal before taking the picture. You can also shave the night before. Remember to remove leg and armpit hair. If you are shooting with swimwear or underwear, you must wax the bikini triangle.

Spray tan color. If you want an artificial look, you should spray your tan a few days before your shoot. However, to be honest, I prefer bare skin. If you do not like it, you can skip the tans and keep your blue-green stroke it will be more beautiful in outdoor photoshoot .

You need to remember that if Photoshop helps you hide many bad points, then you will love when your photos show your most perfect nature. At the end of the day, there are things that you are well prepared that can’t be changed (and also you don’t want to change). Such as congenital birthmarks or scars. Some people think that these marks are part of the body, while others want to “photoshop” them. Who is right? What do you want? These are your face, your body, and your pictures.


Bring 2 – 3 outfits. Photos are a reflection of you, it polishes you. Choose the ones you like. You need to think carefully about the special “bait sets” that you rarely wear because they are not suitable for daily activities, or the usual style shirts You always wear when going out.

There are dark colors.   You should bring at least one dark suit or set. Black, navy blue or charcoal gray are best.

There are light colors. For light-colored clothes, You should think about the colors of angels. The color is soft, thin, clear and can be multi-layered. Not necessarily white. You can choose colors like cream, skin color, pastel pink and so on.

There are funny / exciting / slightly weird toys. This set is an opportunity for you to express your own personality in the most prominent way. If you are a bit more conservative, you should choose a different style. Instead of choosing funky, choose cool, gentle, elegant, or formal.

There are sexy items. This is completely Your request. You can ignore the sexy element, it’s up to You. But if you like, you can subtly sexy with a formal dress open back, or a daring sexy than a beautiful and sexy swimsuit. Beautiful undergarments will also be very cute increasing confidence significantly.

Neckline. I like to see your collar bone, so boat necks, round necks, square necks, deep V-necks and shoulder-length tops are my favorite. Whichever style you choose, you should make it more interesting than the traditional shirt collar. If you like the old-fashioned style, just bring it with you! Feel free to bring what is right for you. You can coordinate the collar to create many different styles for the shoot, so do not bring all the clothes only one style.

Skin. Smooth skin will bring richness and emotion in your photos. It was pleasant!

It suits your appearance. The right clothes will flatter your body to the best level in your photos. Ignore the wavy coat, or the coat is too wide or the bat wing. While they are flattering when you wear them, they do not make you look skinny when photographed. This method can be applied to all body designs. Choose sets that hug your body, especially your waist, hips, arms, and chest.

Forget your shoes. Unless you have a “good pair of shoes” that you’ve designed specifically to take pictures of, you don’t need to worry about what shoes you wear. Most photos don’t capture your feet, and if they do, bare feet will make your photos more authentic to your body.


Rustic face (wash your face and use moisturizing milk)

Hair must be clean and dry (too short hair will feel wet)

A pleasant outfit (to sit while posing)

2-4 sets for photo taking.

Nice and clean nails (Nails are neutral, nails can be fun to paint)

Wedding rings, jewelry must be clean and bright

Eyebrows must be trimmed.

OK, got it The above is all that I learned during my photography years with my clients. Onelike is very pleased to offer customers art photography packages . If you are interested in us, you can refer to our price list and Contact us if you want to appear in the best photos.